Jun 25

A small announcement: We’re on the move!

Not the entire Consulting Nerd Girls, we will stay where we are!

But: Anna and Julie will move their gaming themed blogging onto a new blog. Mainly because what started as a little side blogging project has become bigger to us than we thought. We have many plans for the future already and want to separate this a bit more from out main site which shall be mainly for easily accessible information about our hangouts again.

All our posts are already over there and we’ll remove them from this blog in a little while.

So join us and our gaming posts at our new home over at gamingnerdgirls.com

Jun 25

Day 12 – Religion

Day 12: Religion

Is your OC religious? If so, what do they believe? How pious are they? If they’re not Andrastian, how do they deal with Andrastians/the Chantry? Have they ever had a big or important religious experience?

Fian Tabris

Fian is Andrastian and as religious as the next man – not very pious but absolutely respectful. Her major religious experience was finding the Ashes of Andraste and talking to people (or ghosts) that lived with Andraste herself. This strengthens her faith in Andraste and the Maker – but not so overly that she is not open for the elven Gods. First, knowing about them was just curiosity, her interest in elven history, in her history and based on her fascination of the free elves who live with their millennia old culture. The more time she spends on thinking about it and talking to Dalish, the more interested she gets. In the beginning, it is a rather academical interest but the things she experiences make her realize that more is possible than she ever thought – why should the Old Religion be any different? She makes it a point after a while to include certain elven Gods in her prayers to the Maker and Andraste.

Aren Surana

Aren grew up surrounded by chantry sisters who saw the children of the alienage  as some sort of charity project. The religion is deeply ingrained in her though she does question the interpretation of the chantry in her later years. After finding the ashes and actually talking to spirits that were alive when Andraste was and knew her back then her faith is affirmed. But the blight also firmly establishes to her that other religions might have some merit as well. After learning more about Tevinter and the old gods that turned into archdemons she considers all religions that she knows of to be equally true though she does not start to worship other gods as well.

Her spirituality is also much more focused on Andraste and her message of freedom than on the maker. She is also deeply fascinated by the Qunari philosophy and their absence of worship towards any sorts of gods.

Jun 24

Day 11 – Magic

Day 11: Magic

How did your OC first learn about magic/how was it introduced to them? Is magic frightening? Foreign? Familiar? What do they associate with magic? What do they think of the Fade?

Fian Tabris

Magic is something known throughout society, so it is nothing foreign to her – in theory. She only came in direct contact with it when her cousin Aren discovered her magic. Aren petrified her once without wanting to, so Fian is very conscious that magic needs to be trained or can be very dangerous. This, however, is something she doesn’t fear and sees it rather as any other potentially deadly ability – not knowing what you do with a sword can be just as dangerous to oneself and others as magic. Thus, she is not afraid of magic or mages. What she IS afraid of, are demons. The preying on one’s deepest fears and needs and wishes is something she cannot control or actually defend herself from, so abominations and demon-practitioners are something she fears, especially after her experiences in the Circle.

Fian does not go so far as condemn every mage for the actions of few, however. She herself has walked in the Fade and was awake and conscious, so she knows that this is nothing limited to mages and knows that in theory, everyone could fall prey to demons.


Aren Surana

Aren was a bit weary about magic when she first figured out she was a mage. She accidentally hurt someone and was mostly terrified of what this would mean. She actually ran straight to the templars because she was afraid she might hurt someone else and to her knowledge there was no one around in the alienage who had hidden magic and could teach her anything. When she arrived in the circle she was still very sceptical but she was rather lucky with the templars who brought here there. The entire group was very comforting and understanding towards the scared elven teenager that she was. Telling her how the circle would teach her to control it and that she shouldn’t worry about them at the moment because they could take care of a little stray and untrained magic with ease.

The training in the circle taught her a lot about respecting the arcane forces but also took away her fear about dealing with it bit by bit. By the time the blight starts doing magic has become a part of her like breathing.

Aren actually loves the fade. She loves exploring all kinds of things and the fade has proven to be very interesting. She knows it is dangerous, but to her if feels no more dangerous than exploring an old ruin.

Jun 23

Day 10 – Politics

Day 10: Politics

Let’s talk politics. What are your character’s political opinions? (Ideas for topics: slavery, mage freedom, Templars, Chantry as political power, elven segregation/oppression, dwarven castes, Tevinter, etc.) What issues do they prioritize, and what issues do they ignore?

Fian Tabris

Fian’s political views are relatively basic and can be put down to two words: freedom and equality. Being an elf from the Alienage, the oppression of elves (and later the casteless in the dwarven society) is something very close to her heart and something she is and always has been very vocal about. She always speaks out against cruelty against innocents and premature condemnation (thus siding with the mages). Slavery is a no-brainer and something she could never ever condone. She never really realized that the Chantry has much political power, it is just something she accepts as being the foundation of her belief system.


Aren Surana

Aren starts her journey somewhat naive. She sees no big issues with the circle and chantry policies at first. Through travelling, meeting a lot of different people and getting an insight into other cultures this changes. She is confused and a bit disturbed by the dwarven caste system which makes her realise that expecting someone to accept their fate just for being born a certain way is a thing she actually doesn’t support. This in turn makes her question her place in the circle and the whole mages and templars situation. It takes many years for her to read through historical records and talk to the Dalish she met until she actually realised the scope of what was done to the Dalish  as well as the city elves. Over time she went from someone barely interested in politics to someone heavily involved in trying to make life better for elves in cities and outside of them. She makes a few enemies over the years through that but somehow they never go past loosely threatening her. (Aren does suspect this is mainly because of Leliana’s and Zevran’s involvement but they never outright say anything and she is content to never ask.)

Jun 22

Day 9 – Social Status

Day 9: Social Status

What is your OC’s social status? What sort of education did they receive? How do they interact with people from a higher social class? From a lower class?

Fian Tabris

Well, being from the Alienage, her social status is rather… low. The elves look out for each other though, so they make sure everyone knows the basics – writing, reading, calculating, basic fighting skills (for self-defense if nothing more). Fian’s mother taught her to fight with two daggers, something rather daring since elves are not allowed to carry weapons of any kind. That was also the only „education“ she received, preparing for a life as wife and thus „manager“ of everyday life. This did not stop her from reading everything she could get her hands on, a habit she continued throughout her journeys. She has a special interest in history and elven lore.

The respectful behaviour towards nobility is something very much ingrained in people from a lower class, so she wouldn’t dare speak ill to nobility – out of self-preservation if nothing else. This changes during her journey, however and she comes to think of noble-borns no different than her companions. She sees the mistakes they make and that they are just as born into it as she was in the Alienage. There are few who earn her respect through deeds.


Aren Surana

Aren is an elf and a mage, she pretty much has the lowest social status possible in Ferelden. Despite of that, the circle actually gave her an opportunity at higher education she wouldn’t have gotten living in the alienage. She never was anyone’s servant like so many of her people and she has been relatively sheltered in the circle so that the status issues were not all that present on her mind. She got some rather cruel reminders of it when she first arrived in Ostatgar and all through fighting the blight.

The circle had no nobility and now even lower class so that was something she was utterly unprepared for. While she has sort of an ingrained respect for the Templars and the chantry she generally talks to everyone she meets outside like an equal. Which got her into a few difficult situations, mainly with easily offended nobles in Denerim. On the other hand it gave her an actually quite warm relationship with some others who appreciated someone ignoring all the social rules and not meaning it as an insult. Anora is one of the,

Even in Amaranthine, being the equivalent of an Arl she still feels her difficult standing sometimes. She makes an effort to be respectful towards everyone, especially people of lower status to set an example to everyone under her care.


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